Overview of Blenzy's Platform

On-demand graphic design – it’s never been so easy. Submit your creative design request and receive it back within 24* hours.

Benefits of our Platform

Submit Design Requests

Simply fill out the briefing form, hit submit and we shall get cracking on with it straight away. Create as many requests as you'd like and we'll keep you updated with our progress along the way!

Upload, share and keep your brand assets organized.

Whether you are working with 1 or 100 brands, all it takes is the click of a button to easily upload assets such as brand guidelines, logos and fonts, templates and more

User management

Add and remove as many team members to the platform as required. They are able to submit their own requests, follow colleagues projects, access and download files and receive email alerts for specific project updates

Have your projects managed all in one place

Gain insight into the progress of all of your projects with notifications, due dates, email alerts, high/low priority tickets and project status

And Much More

Manage your subscription

Create Individual Profiles

Leave feedback on every project

View and download all invoices

Evaluate project performance and analytics

In-app and email notifications


Let’s talk designs.

Get a complete walkthrough of the process Over A Quick Demo Session.